First three Families Set FREE in 2023!

Three more Christian Slave Families were set FREE from brickmaker prison in Pakistan on January 30, 2023!

This occurred only six days after my 67th birthday. At 2:30 am I started my birthday by preaching in Brick Maker prisons. We fed the entire prison and gave out Beds and Blankets to every family. I preached that Jesus is the only way to the Father. When the invitation was given the entire prison stood up to receive Christ. By the way, this is how we meet most of these families.

This multi-family had been in prison for over 49 years! The head of the family had three sons. They all married in brickmaker prison adding to their family debt. This family, when interviewed did not even know WHY they were in prison. No one ever told the family history to the children. 16 people in all were set free including seven girls and three boys. We like to get the families out that have the most amount of girls as they are the target of evil intentions and continual abuse.

Our faithful and hard-working native leaders plan ahead. All the families have their homes picked out for them, food, and a vocational trade for each family head. Most of the time the head of the FAMILY is on the street with their NEW business in less than two weeks.

Every family is trained in all that is needed to live a life of freedom. A loving pastor is assigned to these families BEFORE they are set FREE.

Teresa and I have the honor of interviewing EVERY FAMILY separately WITHIN HOURS OF THEIR delivery. It’s always special and they are always very thankful, sweet, and humble.

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