Last year we had the honor of setting 88 families FREE from the pain and anguish of Brickmaker Prison. Some of the prisons are MUCH worse than others, although all are bad with no mercy shown to these people, even when they are sick or alone.

This is the case of ONE FAMILY that we shared with you who caught our hearts. A sweet mother, with two small daughters, and an invalid son named, Isaac. The father died in prison of liver disease, and no help was available (common in prison). This left Fozia to make bricks alone and then also care for 3 children. They all followed her to the brick fields every day, all day long, until her quota of bricks was finished.

These are the situations our Native Leaders look for.

Brother Palus is a circuit pastor for some 80 prisons. He keeps an eye out for special cases. Most of the time it’s a Brickmaster with evil desires FOR the daughters of families. Or those that are over-physically abusive and beat slaves repeatedly. Our director shared a few times Fozia and her family. THEN ONE DAY THE LORD GAVE ME A TRUE PICTURE OF HER PAIN.

As she was working in the brick fields, I saw her face. She was so tired and worn. And I saw little Isaac with his foot almost completely turned backward. He tried to help his mother but would fall often dragging his foot.


Our prison pastor told us that his foot could be corrected if we started right away. One dear GRM co-laborer and family wanted to help right away! Isaac was put in a cast in December to soften the bones. Then after some delay due to the loss of power in Pakistan and the doctor taking a leave, Isaac’s surgery finally took place on January 28th. God has shown me many things about this. First, God sees all of this. Slow down and pay attention. Then the love of our native workers. This is not a business to them, it’s their life! Our director gave his own blood to help a little slave boy before the operation. He was with him every step of the way. Then one day he took his own little boy to see Isaac and he had a toy with him. Isaac had never played with a toy and wanted one so we got him some toys to play with to ease the pain.


This little boy has captured our hearts. The first time I saw him was in prison helping his mother make bricks, then the second time was when we were setting him free with many other families. I do different things to get the slaves to laugh to take away fears they may have. That day I taught everyone to blow kisses. They all loved it. Since Isaacs’s family was the smallest and last, they brought them up to see us and Isaac frantically started blowing kisses to us nonstop. Tears filled our eyes.


Every family has a moving story to tell but this one stays with us. DAILY I believe the Lord has his hand upon little Isaac. Fozia, Isaacs’s mother has repeatedly thanked us with many tears.

We ask that you pray with us for the full recovery of this little one. Your prayers will make a great difference. Also, we are now in need of additional help for his therapy and medications along with a special high-protein diet. The surgery was more than we all expected, bone was taken from his other foot replacing the lost bone from his cooked foot. The doctor said they will change the cast after 10 days and check the wounds. Two more casts will be needed. Then two months to wear special shoes, requiring about three months to recover.

Several of you asked if we needed help. We said that the need was met but now we have an additional $500 needed for post-recovery. We will keep you posted. You may email me if you have a special heart for this at president@gogoodnews.

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