GRM’S Isaiah 58 Set the Captives FREE Program!

GRM celebrates 314 Families set FREE from prison as of November 2022!

What you are about to read is REAL and a powerful movement taking place right now in Pakistan.” Clifford…

This program started with VERY ALARMING and HEART BREAKING news!  It began with the true story of a beautiful Christian family burned alive in the presence of a howling mob at Brick Makers Prison. Even though newspapers covered the story, very little could be done to curb the evil of the persecution of God’s people. (For more of this incident, please SEND FOR OUR FREE BOOK). 

This one tragic event started GRM on a journey of deliverance that has never stopped and gets more exciting and fulfilling with every Christian family we set FREE.

Let me be clear, no real crime has ever been committed by the families that we set FREE! 

These families have not committed any crime, but landed in prison due to four main factors:

  • Food needed to keep the family from STARVATION,
  • Monies needed for A WEDDING that could not be paid back,
  • A FUNERAL to honor the departed family member and
  • Most times funds were needed for MEDICATION OR HOSPITALIZATION FOR AN ELDERLY PARENT. They greatly honor the elderly and FAMILY MEMBERS are willing to go to prison for them. Most of the families we set FREE are also second and third and even fourth generation slaves. Meaning their parents or grandparents signed (made an x) a document in total innocence and ignorance due to illiteracy that doomed their family to slavery because they will never get paid enough to pay their debts.

We’re setting families FREE dating back to 1941 when India and Pakistan separated.  Again, NO family we set FREE has ever committed a crime.

Children are treated like work animals and abused!


It’s estimated that TWO MILLION CHILDREN make bricks in the brick maker prisons of Pakistan, working from 84 – 100 hours a week.  An entire civilization of families live in the brickyards and never see the real world unless we help them. They grow up, marry, give birth, grow old and die all within the confines of brick makers prison.

These families are mistreated and beaten. Some are at the point of starvation and most do not have living quarters larger than a 10 x 10 area. Fathers fear for their daughters as they grow of age and many live in disgrace and condemnation because they can’t protect their children. Stronger, harder working children are many times moved to locations where they work separated from the family under unimaginable conditions. They are conditioned into machines. Blankets for warmth on cold nights are a luxury item.

Gospel Revival Ministries sets 1-3 Christian families FREE from life in cruel brick makers prison every month!


It’s a very detailed process, sometimes dangerous and always a miracle with every family we set free. They are already under prison pastor care.  John Musser has a special prayer book with a list of many families to choose from each month. Sometimes we are notified of an emergency family that has extreme sickness, near death situations, rape situations or beatings. When we pick a family from our U.S. office, our native leaders are notified and the miracle process begins. The family is prepared to be purchased and set free from their life long servitude. Next we, John and Teresa Musser, interview them via Skype, right after they are delivered and brought to the church. Native pastors have already rented a house for them. After the meeting with John and Teresa, they are taken to their new home in a safe haven like Goshen in the Old Testament.


Then for the following three months, we provide food, clothes, schooling, and uniforms for the children and training for one vocational trade for the father or eldest son if the father is deceased. They are also under pastoral care, placed in a church and trained to live in society. Then mothers and daughters can sign up for the Teresa Sewing Centers to become a seamstress and to add one or two more vocational trades to the family.


John Musser calls the GRM Isiah 58 program a four-way partnership!

  • God has a plan to DELIVER His people and has given us the passion, wisdom, and protection.
  • Native teams VISIT PRISONS and know every Christian family by name.
  • GRM CHOOSES FAMILIES from the US and raises awareness and prayer covering.
  • GOD’S PEOPLE RESPOND in the US by partnering with GRM and paying for a family to be set FREE.

Due to several key elements, all families SUCCEED!

It took a while for us to really understand how EVERY FAMILY could succeed and NOT one family has ever

failed in our program. There are several reasons for this miracle of God’s grace.

  1. For fear of ever going back. Use your imagination, you have dreamed of freedom all your life, your grandparents and parents have prayed for the day, it finally happened and you may never have another chance to be FREE again.
  2. The work ethic they have or are forced to have. From babies they are in the mud watching parents work, then as soon as they are able, they help make bricks. This happens 6 days a week, rain or shine, cold or blistering heat. In hunger or sickness, no matter you what, you work your quota. This is muscle memory like martial arts. When they are in their teens they are working machines. Laziness is NOT an option, ever!
  3. Native pastor teams minister to them for years BEFORE they are FREED. These people have been given food, clothes, care and, attention and are known by name, prayed for and attended too. These same native teams alert GRM of Christian families that can be FREED. These same people buy their FREEDOM, deliver them to a safe haven, and monitor and train them.
  4. Infrastructure in place for training and mentoring. Nothing successful comes easy. Years of planning, putting together a system and attendance to detail covers this entire process from A_Z.

The program for these people rivals anything I have ever seen as far as a missions program that is becoming self-sustaining. Teresa and I have witnessed these FREED slaves doing things that are AMAZING such as buying furniture, appliances and even buying or building a brand new home. They are taught how to buy, sell, and even some basic writing skills. Also, they are deeply committed to the Lord’s work, tithing every dollar and giving offerings to help fellow prisoners still in bondage. I have preached this life long message and have worked so hard to see a work like this. Now we not only reach people with the gospel and disciple them, but we also give them a business that will take them from being just a receiver to a giver!  This task is NOT easy to accomplish in the world of missions. If hard times came and we could not send any more funds or doors shut, God’s program will continue, uninterrupted due to giving these families a trade and teaching them to give to missions.

The cost to set an entire family FREE!

We can set an entire family FREE for only $1,000. Some larger families cost us $200-$400 more. These funds will cover their debt, rent for three months, schooling for the children, and a business for the father.

We have been focusing on larger families with girls, as they are abused as soon as they come of age. Family size ranges from 6 to 11 members including brothers, parents and in some cases, grandparents. We can’t post these families online to choose from but when they are set FREE we can send you pictures of the entire process. You will receive a report of the family before they are set FREE and then after they are FREED.  Or you can call us and tell us what you would like to do. We would love to talk with you!

Want a real joy in life? Give to setting a family FREE and you will bless them for a lifetime plus they will reach others who will reach others. Claim Isaiah 58:6-8 as you sow!

Your help is urgently needed today.