“The Teresa Sewing Centers of Pakistan are one of the greatest pictures of Indigenous Self-Sustaining Missions that we have witnessed in 40 years of ministry,” says John Musser co-founder of Gospel Revival Ministries.

Right from the beginning it was a HIT and has never stopped! When you think you have seen a lot of miracles in a lifetime of ministry — God can do much more and He has with this program. Something exciting is happening DAILY!”  The two TERESA SEWING CENTERS are a two part strategy in enabling God’s people to become FREE. First, free from life in prison and secondly, free from the bondage of poverty. The program brings honor and dignity to womanhood that is wonderful to witness. The joy these women show in their faces is such a transformation that mere words can’t describe. They have been taken from constant abuse and danger, put into a safe haven with their families, and trained a vocational trade that will last for life.

For more detailed information on this program PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A FREE BOOK  filled with pictures of our graduates. We do not want to put anything online that will put these families in danger.


It all starts with GRM’S Isaiah 58 Set The Captives FREE Program!

Once a month Gospel Revival Ministries sets one Christian family FREE from life in cruel brick makers prison! It’s a very detailed process. Sometimes it is dangerous, but there is always a miracle with every family.

Once families are FREED the mother and daughters can sign up for the Teresa Sewing Center.

Hundreds, if not thousands of women in Prison dream of going to one of our centers. Every time we interview a family we set FREE (on Skype), we ask if they have heard about the Teresa Sewing Center. Without exception, the women smile and say, “YES! It’s the dream of every mother and daughter in brick makers prison to one day go to the Teresa Sewing Center after our freedom.”

The centers provide a hope and dream for mothers and daughters in the servitude of hard bondage.

Currently, we sign up 41 women every three months, four times a year! 

Mothers and daughters of slave families we’ve set FREE are stationed at a special center protected by the Lord like the land of Goshen.

We have good facilities, professional training equipment, and professional trainers. Our program is now so popular that is has received, on two occasions, national attention as the only one of its kind in all of Pakistan. Major newspapers have covered the story. Now the largest garment factories in Pakistan are coming to our leaders and hiring both mothers and daughters before the graduation. Recently a recruiter came and hired 31 girls before they even graduated. These means every slave family has a father with a vocation and up to two others in the home mother and daughters to ensure they never go back into slavery.

But it does not stop here!

If this were the end of the story it would be wonderful but it’s only the beginning of blessing!

Every mother, every daughter, every lady who graduates tithes to the Lord. They also volunteer to make FREE garments to help other prisoners and give to help poor communities. Then money from every donation they give goes to set a family FREE from prison once a year. We now have over 200 graduates. They are a small grass roots missions movement.

We urgently need your help!

EVERY THREE MONTHS WE GRADUATE 41 GIRLS! It ONLY costs us $100 for each graduate giving them a vocation for life. This is a means of helping themselves and others for a lifetime. It is a small investment for something that goes so far and can help so many.  $100 provides a sewing machine that can be easy repaired, cloth and a kit. For only $100 to start a business that will support a family is almost unheard of, but not in Pakistan.


You can give online and designate your gift today. Thank you!

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March 8, 2018 Graduation


“It was such a blessing to know that my donation was so instrumental and to see the result of giving to this work play out in such a real and personal way.” M.D.

“Thank you for your work. If you can take a little of this money I am sending and get this little girl on the front of your last letter a dress. I am an old man, but I cried when I saw she didn’t have any clothes. We are so blessed in America. Thank you for being a blessing to so many.” C.B.

“This donation is given in memory of my mom to buy a sewing machine. Mom loved sewing and made most of our dresses when we were young. Many blessings on the young women who will be able to use the machine to help them improve their life.” J.M.

“GRM reminds me that I am connected to a very large purpose of helping people of every tribe and nation live forever through Jesus.”

“Thank you for the booklet you sent about the sewing center. I am a sew-er so this is near and dear to my heart! I am enclosing a check to sponsor 4 ladies for the fabric because “I AM A FABRIHOLIC!” Thanks for sharing the need!” D.B.

“I could not imagine not having the freedom to provide for my family.  That is exactly what the Teresa Sewing Center does for the women, daughters, granddaughters of the Freed slave families. Teresa Sewing Center gives these women the freedom to learn, work and provide for their families, for the first time EVER!” S.O.