2023 February Families set FREE!

It’s always a blessing to set captives FREE!

They are so happy and thankful. With every family, I take much time to think about them such as, how long has this family been in bondage and then why?


This family tree has grown to 3 families. They have been in brickmaker prison for over 77 years. The father (name withheld) borrowed money for his wife’s surgery over 77 years ago and was never able to repay the loan.

The parents are gone, but three sons found wives and all married in prison. Now with their growing children, the cycle would be repeated — but YOU cared and the Lord directed us to redeem these families breaking a cycle of oppression in this family. In this situation, a nearly 80-year-old curse was instantly broken.

We don’t say a lot online but we rejoice over these families who have a new life that they have never experienced and they need our prayers.

Another important factor in choosing these families is the number of girls in the family. This family tree had seven girls. Many times girls are chosen to do whatever the brickmaker desires. We seek to get them out before they become older.

In one of the 3 families the father just recently died due to liver illness, which is common in these prisons as most of the water systems are completely polluted with animals sharing the same water. His oldest son is now head of the family.

We have already provided business for these families in just two days after deliverance.

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