2023 Blessing Widows, Lepers and Street Children

Is it just me or does it seem like time is accelerating? This June Teresa and I celebrate 45 years of spreading the Good News among the Nations. The early years were special, setting up missionary bases worldwide, and we continue to do so. We look back with deep humility and gratefulness to God and His people.

Some GRM works you don’t hear much about as we don’t have space in our newsletters (which grieves my heart) but we would like to focus on some of these works in the days ahead. We shared last month about a network of native workers in India who work with, the poorest of the poor. Widows (with no family, no welfare in India) trained to become Bible women, outcasts of society – lepers (blessed to serve the Lord), recovering babies left in the streets or trash cans.

A very humble, but powerful work. GRM co-laborers built the mission base in 2013. It has been filled with gospel activity 24/7. Last month GRM provided Audio Bibles, tricycles for lepers, and a monthly food distribution for lepers and widows. These lepers love Jesus! The widows we help serve the Lord and work with all their hearts. Tricycles and Bicycles are so powerful. For a leper, it’s a miracle of God and for native pastors, it’s a major means of transportation to serve the Lord. Due to heavy increases, they are still of great value. A Bloomberg study found that middle-income households in India spend 73% of their daily income to purchase one gallon of petrol for their two and four-wheel motorized vehicles. Pedal Bikes are better lasting many years as they can easily be repaired.

Since very few know of this work, it is supported monthly through general GRM missions. So those of you who help with general support this entire group. They remind me of the passage in scripture when Pauls says, “… God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty, base things hath God chosen…so no flesh will glory in His presence.” I Cor. 1:27

These full-time native leaders are taking the gospel to the streets daily, taking mission trips to highly restricted areas right now, as we write. Setting up Audio Bible programs in 400 villages. After a month of prayer and training sessions, it is taking place right now. Please pray for Brother Matthew and his great team.

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