At Gospel Revival Ministries, we take very seriously the trust you place in us to be good stewards of the funds you sow into GRM as we work for the Kingdom of God.

GRM is a member of the ECFA, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and Steer, Inc. GRM is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of highly respected community and church leaders from across America. Annual audits and reports are available upon request.

We honor every designated gift given and send hundreds of special reports annually to donors who are involved in special projects such as: water wells, medical camps, churches, and vocational centers, etc. Progress reports for these special projects are given most times within a couple of weeks. Before and after pictures and reports are always given to those who ask for them.

• Native Pastor Accountability

We take very seriously the trust that is placed in us to be good stewards of the funds and other resources. Since we are members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, all Native Pastors are required to agree to the policies and procedures of our Native Pastor Support Program and to come under the authority of a Gospel Revival Ministries Director–a native pastor reviewed and chosen by Gospel Revival Ministries as a reliable, Godly leader. This pastor becomes the Director of the local Gospel Revival Ministries office, which serves as the mission depot station. In order for support to continue, all native pastors must complete quarterly reports and account for the use of all supplies, equipment, and support monies. Our Native Pastor Support Program is NOT designed as a welfare system. The purpose is to relieve each native worker’s poverty, enabling them to reach the lost and build their church until it becomes self-supporting.