Lesson 16 Quiz

1.) “Who is the man that _____ the Lord? Him shall He _____ in the way He chooses.”

A.) Trusts, Provide
B.) Loves, Direct
C.) Follows, Lead
D.) Fears, Teach

2.) “The _____ of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

A.) Majesty
B.) Goodness
C.) Unfolding
D.) Faithfulness

3.) “For even Christ our _____ is sacrificed for us.”

A.) Savior
B.) Passover
C.) Mediator
D.) Beloved

4.) The Feast of Weeks, which corresponds with the offering of “firstfruits” to the Lord was also known as the day of:

A.) Blessed Light
B.) Latter Rains
C.) Pentecost
D.) Atonement

5.) “How can a young man _____ his way” by taking heed according to Your word.”

A.) Find
B.) Cleanse
C.) Change
D.) Restore