Support Native Pastors

Native Pastor Sponsorship
will send a native pastor or evangelist to reach the last of the lost!

Some of our friends support one or more “partial sponsorships.” Example: Five pastors from India reaching “hidden tribes” at $125 a month. The donor is literally influencing five different tribal areas, touching thousands of lives!

When we receive your first support donation, we will send you a packet of information about your pastor(s) and/or worker(s). We will also send you periodic reports on the progress of your native pastor and a monthly GRM newsletter.

The Reach A Village Program
Brings the Gospel to Entire Villages!

Our strategy is to reach, save, and disciple an entire unreached village, enabling them to become self-supporting in 2 to 4 years. We do this by using various methods of reaching village and people for Christ: Medical Camps, disaster relief, etc. Then we install a native pastor to live in a new area, install a water well, and plant a church. With an installed native pastor we can then strengthen the village by providing food, clothing, medical training, educational supplies, literature, tapes and Bibles, and by placing a water well. After we have accomplished this, we then provide a vocational training center to help the village become self-sustaining.

Currently Gospel Revival Ministries has some cutting edge, strategic mission needs in areas that will maximize your investment especially among “hidden peoples” of India. The Lord is doing great and mighty things!

We must hit the iron while it is hot. We are reaching into tribes that have never heard the gospel in recorded mission history.  Contact us and become part of this exciting adventure that some mission leaders are saying is an unprecedented move of the Spirit amongst the hidden tribes of the Eastern Ghats, once known as the graveyard of missions.