The main goal of Gospel Revival Ministries is building leaders internationally to reach their nations for Christ! Particularly amongst unreached villages and unreached peoples. One person can only reach so many for Christ by himself; but when you grow up leaders in another country and give them the tools to reach others, they will reach a nation! The following strategy called, “Stepping Into Another World,” has been used by GRM for over 27 years.

The following has led GRM into over 100 countries:

Step 1: Supply Materials

Gospel literature and Bibles sent by Gospel Revival Ministries to third world countries generate many return letters of request for more literature. From these return letters, we gather names of native workers who are screened for potential leadership based on their vision to reach their nation for Christ.

Step 2: Train a Native Pastor

A native pastor who meets our criteria becomes a Gospel Revival Ministries native pastor. We train, equip, and support this pastor. He then arranges to meet with other native workers and /or hold meetings in his country. GRM has met with thousands of third world leaders this way.

Prepare a Native Pastor

Step 3: Establish a Mission Depot

When the training is complete, the native worker establishes a mission depot station which houses their local office, all our equipment and literature, with a selected native pastor serving as the Gospel Revival Ministries Regional Director. Our mission depot becomes the crusade center and opens up the doors for Step 4.

Step 4: Prepare a Sending Church

Through mission depot contacts, a centrally located church is selected. The Gospel Revival Ministries mission depot supports, trains, and equips the sending church to reach their region for Christ while meeting needs in their community. They do this through literature, equipment, and support staff, as well as construction and other special projects. These works pave the way for Step 5.

Step 5: Support Laborers to Penetrate the Field

Gospel Revival Ministries’ native pastors train other believers and pastors to reach their communities replicating their efforts and energies into others who share the vision. The GRM United State office raises monthly support for additional workers and continues to provide tools and supplies to reach the last of the lost. Every native pastor supported is part of a unit with an overseer–the Gospel Revival Ministries Director who looks for faithful men and women who have a call on their lives to reach the final tribes in their native countries. These workers form a unit: Evangelists, pastors, and teachers in unity under a spiritual covering with one purpose–to build, edify, and equip the Body of Christ to reach the last of the lost. Special training is given to all of our overseas directors on “the peoples movement,” which is part of GRM’s great success in detection and reaching hidden tribes.

Penetrating the Field

GRM is a ministry of strategy! The Lord has given us more intense strategies for detecting, penetrating, and reaching unreached peoples that are not listed on this site. Reaching unreached peoples is the major focus of Gospel Revival Ministries.