GRM History

Gospel Revival Ministries was founded in 1980 by John and Teresa Musser as an itinerant evangelism ministry, born out of a passion for revival and reaching the lost for Christ.

In 1985, what was planned as an 8 day revival meeting in Nebraska, grew into nearly 2 years of powerful ministry, later known as the “Rancher’s Revival.” Friends in Nebraska sent some of John’s revival materials to overseas missionaries. Soon after, letters began to arrive from third world pastors requesting more materials from GRM.

As John and Teresa prayed for the great needs of these pastors, the Lord prompted John to send “Tool Boxes” consisting of books on revival, sermon helps, and sermon tapes. News of this literature spread from nation to nation, and within a short period of time, GRM had sent materials into more than 20 nations.

In 1990, John was invited into northern Nigeria, where pastors from all across the nation came to thank him for the materials they had received from GRM. This moving experience gave John a burden to equip native pastors.

As a result, GRM has now established a 5 step strategy for reaching the lost in the 10/40 Window through literature distribution, native pastors, village church building projects, Gospel libraries, water wells for remote tribes, crusades and pastor’s conferences, Jesus Film showings, and more! GRM has sent literature into over 90 countries worldwide – and the letters continue to pour in!

GRM is now divinely linked with national leaders positioned throughout the 10/40 Window. By providing tools and training, we equip native workers and send them out to reach the last of the lost. Many of our workers reach out to primitive, even savage tribes in remote places, who have never heard the Gospel before.

At GRM, we believe that equipping native workers is the most strategic, sensible, and economic way to penetrate nations for Christ, and reach the lost!

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