After working, giving and sharing with you about this great outreach since February; we are so happy to be able to give this update. Good news is ALWAYS a blessing.

This is just as much YOUR harvest as it is ours!

It is the Body of Christ working together that made this happen! Some of you prayed, many of you gave and some wrote us blessed notes online and in the mail.

We continue to reach these villages with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have amazing leaders who report as often as I ask – even when they are busy. This report comes to us near the finish line, BUT NOT YET! By faith, we prepared for more villages with adult crusades also. This way we maximize all the investments of time, effort and costs. If I may say something here about our native co-laborers, we at GRM are deeply humbled to play a role in their field of service. Some of these leaders have dreamed of reaching these people for decades and we get to be part of their vision.

To be partners in the gospel is a great honor. It’s a 4 way partnership. First with God, second with GRM, third with YOU, then fourth with our native missionary and his field of service. All must come together as one!


Someone asked me the other day how do you follow up WITH hundreds of villages and these children? Most, if not all of the volunteers, will come back to these villages for months to come. PLUS, we are looking ahead for land to plant another church that will have all the names of the villages and children. GRM has followed the pattern of the Apostle Paul for decades. Follow up a great harvest with a Great Commission Church.

These are things we need prayer about and if you want to get involved, let us know. This is good soil, fertile soil, and blessed soil. To be able to be part of building a church for follow-up for so many thousands of people is really God’s gift to us. To be a part of it is a privilege and honor from heaven.

View more photos here!

This is the map you saw on our postcard and newsletter. This hand made drawing was for me to pray for all the districts we are reaching in southern India.

Please pray over this map and keep it with you. We plan on continuing what the Lord has started with the Hill Tribes peoples until He comes again.

The video below is leadership training. These volunteers learned all the songs and motions to go along with them to share the gospel to the children in the villages!