We’re moving forward on this by faith. The project requires enormous concentration and cooperation.

If the virus interferes we will still move forward. It may take longer but the materials will be delivered to needy children amongst the Hill Tribe peoples and beyond. We’re working on a plan B, but we still have some time to trust in the Lord to make a clear path for us.

Like the U.S. the Covid – 19  virus is shutting down churches, public meetings of all kinds, but the Word of God is not bound and we may need to deliver these blessings another way. In the mean time we will wait upon the Lord.

Please continue to intercede. I will put all of the latest updates right here of now. We continue to get updates a few times a day on the conditions in India.  In this situation the actual going to the 1111 villages was not planned to start until April 4th.  This past week a prayer chain of 600 people was organized. The Lord will make a way.  This is the last calendar update.

  1. This week (Mar 16-21st) – final games, story board preparation & packing; statistics document preparation and arranging plans to  get the reports & pictures back from each village.

  2. March 4th week – children song recording, video shoot, video edit & CD production; children song book (final media work).

  3. April 1st week – making videos to help learn the games & tricks for the volunteers; banner work; final check, packing of additional lesson materials together, final organizing work for the transportation of volunteers.

  4. April 2nd week – purchasing chocolates, cookies, juice packs, gifts for children (common gifts, 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes), reminding & visiting volunteers; final organizing work for volunteers training venue, food preparation.

  5. April 3rd week – final packing of things all together in kit boxes; organizing venue , volunteers for kit box packing. Arranging transport for the kit boxes to reach each zonal training area.

  6. April 4th & 5th week – volunteers training in each zone (headoffie staff team would be traveling to each zone).

The most recent update via WhatsApp from our director in India for upcoming campaigns.

Dear Reverend, & Teresa mam, (last update – 3/20/2020)

“Greetings to you in Jesus name. Hope you are doing well. By the grace of God and your support, the preparation work is on timeline. Corona outbreak would stop, and the children outreach would be a great success reaching all the children’s, we pray. Praying kneeling down in tears in my personal prayers and praying as family, as office staff, missionaries for you, family, GRM members. Our Lord with His mighty hand will bless you, family and all the GRM members sir& mam. We cordially thanking you for all the efforts you are taking with sacrifice for the gospel to reach the unreached poor children for His glory and for the revival to take place. Most of the games, lessons, along with story board preparation are finished. In this March 4th week, song recording and video production, CDs will be finished as well. I will send the updates as we finish the work. Kindly uphold us, please convey our heart’s greetings to family and all the GRM members. We thanking you.”

Rev. K.

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These pictures (below) came – March 16th.