It was back in 1979 that we really began to provide food and medicine to remote tribal areas of Mexico fulfilling the great commission helping the sick and afflicted.

Through the years we just called it “TRIBAL CHRISTMAS” due to the fact that we actually go to the unreached in very remote and dangerous regions in some of our locations. One location is in the mountains of Odisha where over 14 unreached people groups live.  We have befriended all of them through monthly medical camps. So they accept us anytime…

BUT Christmas time is when they open the door of their hearts to us!


The very first Bondo savages came to Christ during Tribal Christmas over 10 years ago. They were considered the unreachables! The most fierce tribe in all of India. But God’s love touched them.

The time and effort involved in these visits are beyond what you could imagine. Imagine cooking a meal for a small tribe, then taking the meal on a two-hour trip up the dangerous mountain paths, battling weather, animals, and even fierce villagers. Our team comes in red suits and everyone wants to see them. The goal is to spread God’s love and share the true message of Christmas.

In Haiti, our native leaders and Brother Manning do things that I have never heard of in missions – ministering to tens of thousands of people through containers. This Christmas over 400 churches will be used to distribute over 10,000 gifts and a meal. As we are able, we are helping every step of the way.

In Bethlehem, Israel COVID hit hard. Poor families are struggling and our leaders are ministering the Love of Christ. We have the honor of working with one of the leading teams in the Holy town of Bethlehem.

The children in the Brick Prisons of Pakistan are looking for us to come. But we have a long ways to go yet! The laughter we hear from them in the midst of the trial and pain of prison is priceless! The smiles upon their faces can melt the hardest of hearts. We will do what we can as funds last.

The miracle and challenge of year-end Tribal Christmas actually starts out the New Year 2021!

Christmas meetings lead to invitations to come back and even though we don’t stop until the second or third week of January with Tribal Christmas, it’s a time when thousands pray to received Christ. So Christmas blessings continue into the New Year!

The pictures below took place this past week. If you want to know more please call or email us. If you have a special location in your heart please let us know.