The Teresa Sewing Center’s Last Graduation

This past quarter we have graduated 41 Christian ladies from the Teresa Sewing Center. We have two centers, one for ladies in the city and then one dedicated just for the slaves we set free from brick makers prison.

We work with the most wonderful native team in the history of GRM missions.

This is our last graduation one day before Teresa’s 60th Birthday. They fed her virtual cake. This was a special time and every lady had been hired for a full time job before they even graduated. We are now a total of 246 graduates. To God be the glory!

We want to thank the donors that helped us set up these two centers. You know who you are. God is doing something so amazing. It is like a dream.

We are praying for ladies across America to get involved in this movement. It is being called the first of its kind in all of Pakistan.

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