Teresa Sewing Center Graduation

On October 9th we graduated 20 more ladies from the Teresa Sewing Center at My Father’s House in Pakistan.

They were so happy and grateful. Our leaders made a big banner to draw local villages. Teresa shared a good message to encourage the graduates for their new journey in life. 80 percent of them were already hired before graduation.

We now have a total of 520 women who have graduated from the Teresa Sewing Centers!

Then a few weeks later Teresa was able to share with the new incoming class!

The sewing centers were started for the wives of redeemed slaves. Providing two jobs for the former slave families. This is one of the reasons no family has ever gone back to prison.

We still pay only $100 per graduate for the 4 months of training and a sewing machine. 80% of our ladies are hired BEFORE they graduate. Many sew from home.

The ladies continue to reach others in the family. One hundred dollars never stops blessing these precious women.

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