The Teresa Sewing Centers
Providing vocational training  for the women of Pakistan!

Thank you for helping GRM with the Teresa Sewing Centers!

“Providing women in Pakistan with training and a sewing machine kit to have their own small business!”

The Teresa Sewing Centers in was started....
women had no hope...


Almost one 

                          March 8, 2018 Graduation

We can get a training, a sewing machine and a sewing kit all for only $100! With just $100 you can change a person's life.

For every $100 raised we will train and supply a sewing machine and kit to start another small business! 


"Recently, I had a bout


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    Set FREE from prison: During a gathering of the first ten families that had been set FREE from life in brick makers prison...... I asked how many women would be interested in learning to sew. Seven women came forward crying and laughing, they were so excited!
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    Graduation from The Teresa Sewing Center: Most of the women that graduate already have a job waiting for them!
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    Become self-sustaining and now saving money to set other families free. 


On Saturday, March 3, 2018, just over one year after her son's death, Saima helped distribute beds and blankets at the prison yard. Watching all the smiling faces brought great joy to her heart, native leaders reported. Hundreds are coming to Christ with every distribution.

See what our co-laborers have to say:

Here are few personal testimonies from donors that have given to the Teresa Sewing Center...

“GRM reminds me that I am connected to a purpose far greater than myself of helping people of every tribe and nation live forever through Jesus.” AB

“It was such a blessing to know that my donation was so instrumental and to see the result of giving to this work manifested in such a real and personal way.” MD

“Thank you for your work. If you can take a little of this money I am sending and get the little girl on the front of your last letter a dress. I am an old man, but I cried when I saw she didn’t have any clothes. We are so blessed in America. Thank you for being a blessing to so many.” CB

“This donation is given in memory of my mom to buy a sewing machine. Mom loved sewing and made most of our dresses when we were young. Many blessings on the young women who will be able to use the machine to help them improve their lives.” JM

“Thank you for the booklet you sent about the sewing centers. I am a sew-er so this is near and dear to my heart! I am enclosing a check to sponsor 4 ladies for the fabric because “I AM A FABRIHOLIC!” Thanks for sharing the need!” DB

“I could not imagine not having the freedom to provide for my family. That is exactly what the Teresa Sewing Center does for the women, daughters, granddaughters of the Freed slave families. Teresa Sewing Center gives these women the freedom to learn, work and provide for their families, for the first time EVER!” SO


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