We’re excited to start this page. Working with a network of 1,100 native missionaries through GRM directors brings an exciting adventure to our lives to say the least. Many times I tell Teresa,

“I wish our co-laborers could see this, they need to see this!” 

We will have a special email link also so you can write me personally (John) about any questions you may have about any GRM project.

We know through the years that certain people carry different passions than others such as some people want to set prison families free from brick makers prison and others love My Father’s House, and yet others love to provide Bibles.

We can’t share all the details online as we are in some of the most restricted areas of the world. They become a hot spot and we might have to remove something from the internet.

It’s not unusual for India to have shutdowns and Christians have to go under the radar for a few weeks or months. Then later the pressure is off again.  We would ask you not share this online. This is for co-laborers of GRM only – people we know. If you have a trusted friend at your house or you what to show it on your phone, this is wonderful. However, don’t leave the link with them until you know they they will keep the instructions above.


The Joy Orissa School Roof Project with the Bondo Tribe.

This has been a labor of love for nearly 20 years. I loose track of time. Many a week Teresa and I did not take a salary in order to faithfully support this work and its 36 native missionaries.

The stories we could tell will rival any mission story. These savages were in the same location for 3,000 years. 1,000 years before the times of Jesus. There are the lower and upper Bondo tribes. We know of no other work that has reached the upper Bondo, as we know all their activities and move among them 24/7 . They won’t let anyone in! Leaders tell us that Teresa and I were the first foreigners that came in their region and lived to tell the story. This is an ancient civilization. In our studies they are the descendants of a warrior race. Some of them look Aztec. Just like the Indian reservations in the US, they are considered a sovereign nation and among the longest land owners in the entire subcontinent.  Some stories say that they moved into the mountains (Eastern Ghats) to escape another flood. This region is connected with many unreached peoples. The Bondo being the most fierce of them all.

Now for the first time the government has accepted our school.

This is a miracle of God’s grace. However, they gave us some mandates to fulfill. We have achieved several and so the children were allowed to start school this year, but we have until end of September to finish a roof for a sick room to keep COVID affected children separate.

We are making good progress and your prayers are urgently needed. If you want to be a part of this great work please join us. We support 36 missionaries every month and we also help the Bondo children at the school with clothes, books, etc. We always bless all the children with new clothes for Christmas. All the mothers also receive gifts and clothes at Christmas time. This is when most come to Christ.

The blessing of this project is we are reaching and helping an entire nation of people.  It’s one thing to reach a village but this is a mini nation living in this same location preceding the incarnation of Christ. This school is the first in the history of this people. Less than 10 years ago they were unapproachable – a strategic water well and Medical Camps opened the door. We are the only hospital for the upper Bondo! Due to the nature of this work we have not been able to share with God’s people the great victories we have experienced. We have one donor who gives monthly. We send funds monthly through our general GRM missions fund.