You’re reading this page because you received my thank you letter in the mail with a picture of the Salamat multi-family.

What a great blessing you have been, may the Lord bless you for your love. We know you took a step of faith but below is the fruit of your seed sown.

You are the only person who can see this. It’s a hidden page and you need the link we sent you to get into it. We would ask you not to share this online or in mass. If you want to show a few friends, that is alright. For the safety of this family, please don’t pass out the link. Thank you!

The video above is just the last few minutes at the end of our interview. We trust you enjoy all the photos below!

Even though many families can be redeemed (purchased from prison) for around $500, we go the extra mile. We ALSO pay for a home, food, put all the children in school and buy a vocational trade for the father of the family. This costs about $1,000 per family of 6-8. After 3 months, every family is self-sustaining– meaning we don’t have to give them any more money. The vocational trade sustains the entire family.


Then, we have multi-families. They are usually brothers all from the same father who now have grown families. They work as a unit in the brickfields. We seek to set them free all at once. We get homes for every family, put all the children in school and provide a vocational trade for each father.

So we combined your gift with some others for the Salamat family which was actually 5 brothers and their families. This is where your gift was applied. Rejoice with us! Please pray for them.

As I shared in my letter to you, this family was released very late. Our team was fighting some bad weather. We went to church and as we were pulling in, my iPad was ringing. We don’t want to miss one family. This is very special to Teresa and me.

After we met the family and went into the church, my mind was on the words written in the book of Daniel……“Knowledge shall increase in the end time...” Dan. 12:4

I remember many years ago when it would take 3 weeks for a letter to get to our leaders and sometimes 3 weeks for them to reply. I often wonder how long will this last. We are so blessed!

John H. Musser

PS. GRM has now Set FREE 92 Families spending life in brickmakers (debtors) Prison. It is only people like you that make this great blessing possible. We set Free from 1-3  families every month. Every month we believe in faith for this to happen we have no grants to cover this. Please pray that the Lord will provide for the next family.

                                              Salamat Masih Family of 17

                                         Family released on March 24, 2019