2021 India Village Reader Program

Proverbs 23:7 says with diligence we succeed.

We started our VBS program in February of 2021. Things did not look good. Then while in prayer the Lord said, “Go forward with the VBS program.” In complete trust in the Lord, we obeyed. Even though we had faith in our Lord we could not have expected such a mighty move of God. The Lord’s people have stood behind us in a wonderful way.

Now we have reached 1,273 villages (we are still going where leaders are pleading with us to come) with a record of  57,152  children who prayed the sinner’s prayer. We have also had over 25,000 adults pray the sinner’s prayer and ministered to 270 families (among these villages) with COVID relief help during our VBS trainings. With our hearts full of praise, we thank the Lord! We have some mighty intercessors standing with us. All of us together are still touching thousands. Now we are starting House church planting and have begun in 19 new villages. Does this sound like the book of Acts, especially the ministry of Paul? Yes, it does!

Again many of you reading this update have played a major role in all of this. May your heart be encouraged God’s grace is abundant! The gospel is STILL the power of God unto salvation – Romans 1:16.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may the Lord encourage you as you have blessed His work and helped build His kingdom.

John & Teresa

Matthew 24:14


It will grow rapidly! The only delay will be in getting enough Children’s Illustrated Bibles to meet the need. As a leader, very few times have I witnessed such a hunger for God’s Word among children. They so desire to possess a copy of the Illustrated Bible that they pray every day for one. They come up to our leaders and plead for one.

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