Lesson 9 Quiz

1.) “The tongue has the power of _____ and _____, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.”

A.) Truth And Lies
B.) Life And Death
C.) Good And Evil
D.) Right And Wrong

2.) The distinction between Faith and Hope is that Hope is always _____, while Faith is always _____.

A.) Future, Now
B.) Hidden, Known
C.) Imagined, Revealed
D.) Tested, Sure

3.) When we don’t yet see the manifestation, _____ keeps us from changing our _____ and giving up on the answer.

A.) Circumstance, Hope
B.) Patience, Confession
C.) Character, Goals
D.) Persistence, Stand

4.) (Job 40:4) Shows us that when Job was finally confronted by God, he repented of his own:

A.) Spiritual Ignorance
B.) Arrogance
C.) Self Righteousness
D.) Complaints

5.)  Job’s account also shows us that when a believer has a _____ _____ _____, God will quickly use them.

A.) Fully Moral Life
B.) Truly Pure Heart
C.) Good Faith Confession
D.) Sound Doctrinal Stand