Lesson 9 Quiz

1.) “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have _____ _____ to Demolish Strongholds.”

A.) Mighty Force
B.) Secret Weapons
C.) Brutal Impact
D.) Divine Power

2.) We see in (Luke 4:1-15) that Jesus defeated the devil by using:

A.) Will And Resistance
B.) The Word Of God
C.) His Divine Strength
D.) Superior Wisdom

3.) How many of you feel underqualified for ministry? The Bible is your education, _____, and Qualification.

A.) Preparation
B.) Registration
C.) Legislation
D.) Initiation

4.) The Word of the Lord qualified fishermen to turn the world upside down. How did they gain qualification?

A.) Forgiving Their Enemies
B.) Giving To The Needy
C.) Learning To Debate Well
D.) Abiding In The Word

5.) Speaking the Word is what releases the potential of faith. Speaking _____ faith.

A.) Determines
B.) Requires
C.) Activates
D.) Builds