Lesson 9 Quiz

1.)  The covenant with David pointed to the everlasting _____ and _____ of the Lord Jesus Christ, David’s Greatest Son.

A.) Life, Ministry
B.) Throne, Kingdom
C.) Praise, Majesty
D.) Person, Body

2.)  After receiving the covenant, David _____ the Lord, expressing his covenant faith. (II Samuel 7:18-29)

A.) Sought
B.) Worshiped
C.) Accepted
D.) Honored

3.) Being a part of the _____ Covenant, David’s Covenant was confirmed with an oath which made its promises irrevocable.

A.) God’s
B.) Canaan’s
C.) Abraham’s
D.) Adam’s

4.) Though David offered animal sacrifices according to the requirements of the Moses Covenant, he also offered the _____ _____ of praise and thanksgiving under the David Covenant.

A.) Holy Honor
B.) Eternal Testimony
C.) Spiritual Sacrifices
D.) Royal Gifts

5.) The _____ _____ of this oath came through sinless Jesus, the son of David, who received the promise of eternal kingship. (Acts 2:29-35).

A.) Great Promise
B.) Hidden Words
C.) Divine Reward
D.) Ultimate Fulfillment