Lesson 8 Quiz

1.)  Goal: Through the Bible in one year for progressive:

A.) Learning
B.) Revelation
C.) Understanding
D.) Maturing

2.) (Joshua 1:8) Speaks of meditation in the word, which means “to think about and consider. To chew are rehearse.” Meditation brings illumination and:

A.) Greater Confidence
B.) Many Natural Blessings
C.) Revelation Knowledge
D.) The Peace Of God

3.) Confessing the Word does not mean ignoring your circumstances but choosing the _____ _____ which is the Promise of the Word.

A.) Higher Truth
B.) Narrow Way
C.) Other Option
D.) Hope Realm

4.) What is our process to move from a ‘believer’ to a disciple?

A.) Follow Every Teacher
B.) Abide In The Word
C.) Attend Seminary
D.) Fellowship Often

5.)  Obedience to the Word of God brings the _____ of God.

A.) Favor
B.) Mercy
C.) Order
D.) Grace