Lesson 8 Quiz

1.) Since the time of Adam, Satan had held men under his Authority through sin, and fear of death. Through becoming a sin sacrifice for humanity, Jesus was now taking the _____ of Authority away from the devil.

A.) Reins
B.) Shackles
C.) Keys
D.) Deceit

2.) (Matthew 27:50-53) Tells us of several major events taking place at the moment Jesus Christ died on the cross. Which of these events show us most clearly that those who truly accept His sacrifice are no longer separated from God?

A.) The Earth Shaking
B.) The Rocks Splitting
C.) The Temple Veil Tearing
D.) The Tombs Breaking Open

3.) Many prophecies in Scripture such as those in (Psalm 16) and (Psalm 88) clearly show us that after dying on the cross, Jesus went to hell, bearing the _____ and _____ of our sins.

A.) Sorrow And Anguish
B.) Penalty And Judgment
C.) Offense And Rebellion
D.) Shame And Torment

4.) “And having _____ the powers and authorities, (Satanic levels of rank), He made a public spectacle of them, Triumphing over them by the cross.”

A.) Overcome
B.) Disarmed
C.) Scorned
D.) Tormented

5.) Through His death, resurrection and full work of redemption, Jesus Triumphed over sin, sickness, Satan and all the power of death! God’s Authority to mankind has been Restored, and that anointing on God’s people should be:

A.) Visible And Seen
B.) Reviewed And Debated
C.) Fondly Remembered
D.) Taught And Learned