Lesson 7 Quiz

1.) Jesus performed no miracles until His ministry began at about the age of 30. The power of the anointing that was upon Him during His ministry came through.

A.) His 40 Day Fast
B.) His Great Faith
C.) Infilling Of The Holy Spirit
D.) Baptism In Jordan River

2.) From (Luke 4:35-36) and the verses in Mark’s Gospel, we see that when dealing with demons, it is essential that we command them with our God given:

A.) Conviction
B.) Authority
C.) Sternness
D.) Righteousness

3.) In (Luke 4:18-21), The Scripture portion that Jesus read in the synagogue concerning His own ministry was a prophecy from the book of:

A.) Isaiah
B.) Jeremiah
C.) Ezekiel
D.) Micah

4.) In Jesus ministry, He spoke to the wind, the sea, demons and sickness with Authority and they all obeyed Him as a man, because this was the _____ that Adam & Eve had been given Authority over as mankind!

A.) Realm
B.) Position
C.) Earth
D.) Power

5.) In (Mark 3:1-5) when Jesus was again in the synagogue on the Sabbath and knew that some religious leaders were looking for a reason to accuse Him, He was deeply distressed at their:

A.) Jealous Hatred
B.) Lack Of Knowledge
C.) Stubborn Hearts
D.) Uncaring Ways