Lesson 7 Quiz

1.) Jesus established the model and theme of scriptural authority by His endorsement of the _____ _____ as the Word of God.

A.) New Covenant
B.) Ten Commandments
C.) Hebrew Scriptures
D.) Prophetic Writings

2.) The Gospels were _____ and _____ widely so as they are found thousands of years later, they say the same thing!

A.) Preached, Heard
B.) Sold, Distributed
C.) Changed, Modified
D.) Written, Passed

3.) The Gospels were written by men who saw them happen! The Gospels were written before John the Beloved died! So, he could confirm that what was written was:

A.) In Correct Format
B.) True And Accurate
C.) Accepted By Others
D.) Approved By Him

4.) God can never alter what His lips had already uttered. God can never lie. He _____ and _____ by His Words to us that have been written down.

A.) Sees, Inscribes
B.) Operates, Abides
C.) Rules, Reigns
D.) Cares, Loves

5.) A ‘contract’ can be broken. A covenant cannot be broken! It is eternally binding! God has eternally bound _____ to His Word!

A.) Himself
B.) Creation
C.) Believers
D.) Mankind