Lesson 7 Quiz

1.) The Covenant with Moses has the fullest and most detailed description of _____ of any covenant.

A.) Devotion
B.) Deliverance
C.) Sacrifices
D.) Protection

2.) On the Day of _____, the blood was brought within the veil and sprinkled upon the Mercy seat. These rituals find their Fulfilment in the blood of Jesus.

A.) Passover
B.) Atonement
C.) Pentecost
D.) Sabbath

3.) Descendants of Aaron became the _____ _____ for Israel.

A.) High Priests
B.) Law Givers
C.) First Judges
D.) Levite Scribes

4.) The functions of King & Priest are combined in:

A.) Moses Law
B.) Christ Jesus
C.) Israel’s Government
D.) The Modern Church

5.) The Most Holy Place or inner chamber was the actual dwelling place of God. The only furniture in it was the:

A.) Brazen Altar
B.) Golden Candlestick
C.) Table Of Shewbread
D.) Ark Of The Covenant