Lesson 6 Quiz

1.) There are two reasons why God gave the Moses Covenant; one was Israel’s _____ and the other to demonstrate the _____ of God.

A.) Blessings, Goodness
B.) Probation, Purpose
C.) Calling, Justice
D.) History, Will

2.) In representing all other nations before God, Israel’s _____ illustrated and confirmed the guilt of the entire world, both Jew and Gentile. (Romans 3:19).

A.) Heritage
B.) Battles
C.) Loyalty
D.) Failure

3.) The moral Law of the _____ _____ set forth the Divine righteous standard for human conduct in relation to both God and man.

A.) Priestly Duties
B.) Ten Commandments
C.) Sabbath Observance
D.) Animal Sacrifices

4.) The ceremonial laws of sacrifice provided a _____ for the sins and uncleanness of Israel, individually and nationally. It was a picture of the person and work of Christ.

A.) Ritual
B.) Covering
C.) Redemption
D.) Forgiveness

5.) The covenant with Moses set forth the _____ _____ of righteousness (Psalms 19:7-10).

A.) Divine Standard
B.) Human Aspect
C.) Gracious Gift
D.) Whole Purpose