Lesson 5 Quiz

1.) When you _____ God’s Word in your heart and _____ it with your mouth, you produce substance in the Spirit World.

A.) Hide, Quote
B.) Believe, Confess
C.) Imagine, Doubt
D.) Consider, Teach

2.) The life of Joseph shows us that God will fulfill the vision He has given to us if we:

A.) Work Hard In Ministry
B.) Respect Leadership
C.) Convince Others Of It
D.) Wait Faithfully On Him

3.) Jesus taught that even “mustard seed” size faith, when rightly applied, would produce:

A.) Lasting Results
B.) Great Miracles
C.) Abundant Joy
D.) Some Blessing

4.) The Parable of the sower teaches us that we must _____ the _____ and not allow the enemy to steal it from us!

A.) Keep, Watch
B.) Sow, Seed
C.) Guard, Word
D.) Love, Church

5 .) As The Kingdom grows inside you…so _____ develops in your _____.

A.) Love, Heart
B.) The Word, Mind
C.) Faith, Spirit
D.) Grace, Soul