Lesson 5 Quiz

1.) When the ministry of apostle is missing, the Church will suffer from a lack of overall:

A.) Growth
B.) Leadership
C.) Inspiration
D.) Sanctity

2.) Our failures are the ground from which humility can grow. Humility produces compassion and understanding. And both are needed to wisely:

A.) Walk By Faith
B.) Conduct Ministry
C.) Lead In Love
D.) Grow In Christ

3.) An apostle must have the heart of a:

A.) Father
B.) Elder
C.) Brother
D.) Pastor

4.) Those called to the five-fold ministry will see things more quickly and clearly than the congregation and must _____ lead them into a deeper revelation.

A.) Sternly
B.) Openly
C.) Patiently
D.) Gently

5.) “I became a _____ of this Gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of His power.”

A.) Disciple
B.) Servant
C.) Partaker
D.) Believer