Lesson 5 Quiz

1.) Abraham’s covenant with God included the land of Canaan being given to him and his seed:

A.) Until The Time Of Messiah
B.) Until The Babylonian Captivity
C.) For An Everlasting Possession
D.) Of Those Who Remain Faithful

2.)  In (Genesis 22:17) God promised Abraham the blessing of victory that he would “Possess the _____ of his enemies.”

A.) Gate
B.) Land
C.) Wealth
D.) Domain

3.) “Abraham _____ God and it was counted unto him for righteousness.”

A.) Followed
B.) Honored
C.) Believed
D.) Obeyed

4.) In the Abrahamic covenant, circumcision of the flesh was the _____ evidence of their _____ commitment to the terms of the covenant. (Genesis 17:14)

A.) Seen, Unseen
B.) Bodily, Superficial
C.) Specific, Heartfelt
D.) Outward, Inward

5.) The seal of circumcision of the flesh in the Abrahamic covenant has now been fulfilled in the New Covenant circumcision of the:

A.) Spirit
B.) Heart
C.) Soul
D.) Mind