Lesson 4 Quiz

1.) While families were developing into nations after the tower of Babel, God chose the next covenant man, (Abram) from the line of:

A.) Ham
B.) Shem
C.) Japheth
D.) Nimrod

2.)  God made it clear to Abraham that the purpose of being blessed was that he might be a _____ to others.

A.) Mentor
B.) Blessing
C.) Model
D.) Friend

3.) The blessing of the new name, ‘Abraham’ (father of many nations) was given to Abram by God at the time of his:

A.) Circumcision
B.) Son’s Birth
C.) First Sacrifice
D.) Greatest Test

4.) God promised to bless those who show _____ to Abraham. This promise was confirmed also to Isaac, Jacob and Israel.

A.) Alliance
B.) Indifference
C.) Hostility
D.) Favor

5.) Through Abraham, God promised that He would give His favor to all people of the earth. This promise involved the birth of:

A.) Moses
B.) Isaac
C.) Messiah
D.) King David