Lesson 3 Quiz

1.) (Genesis 17:12) Commands that male children be circumcised on the eighth day. Modern science has proved this day the best for:

A.) Blood Clotting
B.) Fighting Infection
C.) Pain Resistance
D.) Strength and Vigor

2.) The rebirth of Israel in 1948 and the return of many Jews to the land are modern day prophecies that have been _____ in our time.

A.) Spoken
B.) Believed
C.) Fulfilled
D.) Expected

3.)  From cover to cover, all 66 books of the Bible come together to tell the story of God’s _____ of sinful man through Christ Jesus.

A.) Training
B.) Judgment
C.) Enlightening
D.) Salvation

4.) The Bible records many mistakes made by men and nations that we can avoid, and _____ we can receive.

A.) Knowledge
B.) Wisdom
C.) Warning
D.) Training

5.) The Biblical books of 1 and 2 Samuel are considered to be what type of writing?

A.) Prophetic
B.) Law
C.) History
D.) Biography