Lesson 3 Quiz

1.)  The first covenant was given to the first man and woman to reveal God’s purpose in creating them. There could be no _____ with God apart from covenant.

A.) Relationship
B.) Understanding
C.) Agreement
D.) Sincerity

2.) The blessings of the covenant were made available to man on the basis of _____ obedience or _____ and obedience.

A.) Free, Continual
B.) Choice, Failure
C.) Trusting, Faith
D.) Loving, Fear

3.) God came in _____ to fallen man seeking to _____ him back to covenant relationship.

A.) Mercy, Bring
B.) Anger, Chastise
C.) Friendship, Lead
D.) Grace, Restore

4.) The first covenant sacrifice, the first of all animal sacrifices, pointed to the New Covenant sacrifice, the _____ and _____ of Jesus Christ (John 1:29,36).

A.) Ministry, Death
B.) Innocence, Purity
C.) Body, Blood
D.) Life, Spirit

5.) In the covenant God made with Noah, God specifically prohibited _____, to remind man of the value of man, made in the image of God.

A.) Cruelty
B.) Murder
C.) Violence
D.) Bloodshed