Lesson 21 Quiz

1.) Authority Is The _____ to _____.  All Authority is from God.

A.) Answer To Faith
B.) Key To Victory
C.) Power To Serve
D.) Right To Rule

2.) “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the ______ of His ______ in every place.”

A.) Authority, Rulership
B.) Fragrance, Knowledge
C.) Blessings, Inheritance
D.) Scepter, Goodness

3.) We must Prove to Him, (God) that we want to be with Him, even though His Presence puts Extreme Pressure on our old way of life.  If we are ______, He will give us something to do In His Name.

A.) Disciplined
B.) Trustworthy
C.) Practical
D.) Trained

4.) It is God’s plan to send people ahead of Himself to Prepare for His Own arrival. Ministry must be done with the:

A.) Church’s Blessing
B.) Patience Required
C.) Lord’s Presence
D.) Ministry Anointing

5.) God looks at our hearts.  He knows what’s there. The Preparation process of ______ is to reveal our hearts to us.

A.) Authorization
B.) Conditioning
C.) Responsibility
D.) Seminary