Lesson 2 Quiz

1.) Evidence from _____ inscriptions and manuscripts discovered in the last century proves that the Word of God is inspired.

A.) Sacred
B.) Historical
C.) Fragmented
D.) Written

2.) In 1993, archaeologists digging at Tel Dan in Galilee in northern Israel found a fragment of a stone inscription that clearly refers to the:

A.) Flood Of Noah
B.) Temple Of Solomon
C.) Tabernacle Of Moses
D.) House Of David

3.) Tacitus, for example, a Roman historian and governor of Asia in AD 112, confirmed many _____ in the Gospels, Acts and Romans.

A.) Details
B.) Stories
C.) Statements
D.) Traditions

4.) Scientists have been startled to discover that _____ and _____ contain every single element found in the human body.

A.) Coal, Oil
B.) Gold, Silver
C.) Clay, Earth
D.) Water, Air

5.) Ancient Hebrew scrolls found at the _____ near the Dead Sea in 1947 revealed further evidence about Jesus.

A.) Qumran
C.) Galilee
D.) Damascus