Lesson 2 Quiz

1.) The ministries of elder and deacon have many shared qualifications. According to (1 Timothy chapter 3), which qualification is not required of both?

A.) Husband Of One Wife
B.) Ruling Household Well
C.) The Ability To Teach
D.) Not Greedy Of Money

2.)   In Eph 4:8 and 11 Paul tells us that when Jesus left the earth He gave _____ to men.

A.) Gifts
B.) Tasks
C.) Visions
D.) Anointings

3.) These five-fold ministry gifts are Christ’s own provision for the _____ need for spiritual growth in His Church – until He comes for His Church.

A.) Occasional
B.) Beginning
C.) Continual
D.) Sporadic

4.) Their function is not to do all the work of the ministry but to _____ God’s people for the work of the ministry.

A.) Unburden
B.) Select
C.) Train
D.) Prepare

5.) “From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in _____, as each part does it’s work.”

A.) Him
B.) Love
C.) Grace
D.) Faith