Lesson 2 Quiz

1.) A covenant expresses commitment in the form of a:

A.) Vow
B.) Testimony
C.) Promise
D.) Legal Agreement

2.) A covenant, being viewed as a _____ and _____ commitment, involved bloodshed to make it legal.

A.) True, Sure
B.) Life, Death
C.) Holy, Reverent
D.) Eternal, Binding

3.) In establishing a covenant relationship, the one initiating the covenant must make it _____, while the receiving party must _____ by entering into and maintaining the terms.

A.) Clear, Acknowledge
B.) Convenient, Trust
C.) Available, Respond
D.) Beneficial, Follow

4.) In every covenant confirmed by bloodshed, the blood becomes the _____ representation of _____ life. (Leviticus 17:11)

A.) Physical, Spiritual
B.) Animal, Human
C.) Earthly, Heavenly
D.) Sinful, Redeemed

5.) God is a covenant keeping God and requires man to “_____ the covenant.” We must do our part in the covenant.

A.) Study
B.) Understand
C.) Fulfill
D.) Keep