Lesson 2 Quiz

1.) “Now Faith is the _____ of things hoped for the _____ of things not seen.”

A.) Belief, Knowledge
B.) Vision, Understanding
C.) Substance, Evidence
D.) Desire, Ambition

2.)  “For what is seen (with the natural eyes) is  _____, but what is not seen is _____.”

A.) Earthly, Fallen
B.) Natural, Spiritual
C.) Sinful, Imaginary
D.) Temporary, Eternal

3.)  The Life of Faith for the True Christian is not always easy, but without Faith it is:

A.) Even Harder
B.) Impossible
C.) Dangerous
D.) Of Little Worth

4.)  And we know that in All Things, God works for the ____ of those who ____ Him…”

A.) Will, Honor
B.) Good, Love
C.) Testing, Follow
D.) Trust, Reject

5.)  (Romans 14:23) tells us that “What is not of Faith is ____.”

A. Unbelief
B.) Mistrust
C.) Sin
D.) Immaturity