Lesson 19 Quiz

1.) Most of the enemy’s attacks are aimed at our _____.  He works there to manipulate your emotions with fear, worry, pride, etc. The helmet of Salvation protects us from these attacks.

A.) Souls
B.) Minds
C.) Words
D.) Bodies

2.) The Word will wash and cleanse our _____ _____ and conform it to the Mind of Christ.

A.) Sinful Habits
B.) Idle Speech
C.) Thinking Process
D.) Worldly Ways

3.) The “head” is a symbol of Authority. A covered head speaks of Submission. A covered head represents both:

A.) Covering And Unity
B.) Peace And Safety
C.) Confession And Faith
D.) Submission And Protection

4.) Oiling the Roman shield prevented the leather from cracking and the metal from rusting. In times of battle this was especially necessary and so oiling the shield was equivalent to preparing for war. Oil is a symbol of:

A.) Powerful Faith
B.) The Holy Spirit
C.) Courage In Battle
D.) The Word Of God

5.) (2 Samuel 22:3) “My God is my Rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my Salvation. He is my _____, my _____ and my Saviour-from violent men you save me.”

A.) Protector, Helper
B.) Stronghold, Refuge
C.) Rock, Defense
D.) Sword, Shield