Lesson 18 Quiz

1.) The Roman breastplate, symbolizing Righteousness was bronze so as the sun shone on it, it would present a dazzling spectacle. As metal is rubbed it shines even more so _____ in Righteousness made it even shinier!

A.) Standing
B.) Walking
C.) Living
D.) Fighting

2.) As we confess and believe that Jesus is our Righteousness. He makes it possible to live right. It is up to us to work that Righteousness into our lives by working Jesus into:

A.) Church Service
B.) Daily Living
C.) Everything
D.) Our Heart

3.) When you realize that you are Righteous, it will change you… it will move you from the realm of being a struggler (sinner saved by Grace) to the realm of _____ in life like a Prince of God.

A.) Acting
B.) Reigning
C.) Preaching
D.) Striving

4.) “And having shod your feet in _____ to face the enemy with firm footed ability, the promptness and readiness produced by the good news of The Gospel of Peace.”

A.) Planning
B.) Willingness
C.) Confidence
D.) Preparation

5.) “Every place that the _____ of your _____ shall tread, that have I given unto you!

A.) Sole, Foot
B.) Dream, Heart
C.) Walk, Faith
D.) Work, Ministry