Lesson 17 Quiz

1.) “Therefore put on the Full Armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to _____ your _____, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

A.) Win, Battle
B.) Plan, Strategy
C.) Stand, Ground
D.) Face, Enemy

2.) We must never give Satan a stronghold by our _____ in the fact that we have become a successful warrior for The Lord. Anything we accomplish is only God Accomplishing it through us!

A.) Action
B.) Error
C.) Pride
D.) Will

3.) The belt of _____ holds all the other pieces of armour together. It is the Foundation for all the rest!

A.) Faith
B.) Truth
C.) Holiness
D.) Wisdom

4.) A good definition of _____ in the NT is complete dependence upon God and a high regard for others.

A.) Peace
B.) Humility
C.) Victory
D.) Godliness

5.) If we are willing to use our _____ in the smaller battles, to practice up until using that Particular Weapon is instinctive and natural, we too will be ready for the attacks of the Giants.

A.) Sword
B.) Defenses
C.) Weapons
D.) Sling