Lesson 15 Quiz

1.) Jesus commanded His disciples to make other disciples and teach them to _____ everything He had given to them (Matt 28:19-20). Teaching is therefore basic in the formation of the church.

A.) Observe
B.) Repeat
C.) Obey
D.) Know

2.) In teaching, Jesus relied on the words of His Father and the Holy Spirit. That was the key to His ministry.  It is also key for anyone today who seeks to be a _____ teacher of God’s Word.

A.) Scholarly
B.) Successful
C.) Rehersed
D.) Valid

3.) Teaching was looked upon as a very important ministry in the early church. It was taken very seriously, and the position carried with it a great sense of:

A.) Responsibility
B.) Knowledge
C.) Education
D.) Passion

4.) A teacher’s life is one of continued study and _____. There are daily lessons to be learned in the school of God’s Holy Spirit.

A.) Notation
B.) Searching
C.) Preparation
D.) Advancement

5.) God’s Word is the basis for the teacher’s five-fold ministry.  He cannot teach what he does not know–or has not ______ in his life

A.) Applied
B.) Studied
C.) Experienced
D.) Understood