Lesson 14 Quiz

1.) Jesus made it essential for the church to receive the Anointing of The Holy Spirit, because the world cannot be _____ without the _____ and Power of God.

A.) Discipled, Teaching
B.) Persuaded, Influence
C.) Embraced, Goodness
D.) Evangelized, Anointing

2.) Sanctification means to be _____ _____ for God’s Purposes, particularly the work of the ministry.

A.) Given Ability
B.) Set Apart
C.) Called Upon
D.) Highly Trained

3.) Two of the traits that the True Anointing of God will always produce in a believer are:

A.) Elloquince & Ambition
B.) Conviction & Compassion
C.) Conformity & Routine
D.) Energy & Efficiency

4.) For _____ to be active in our lives, we must allow The Spirit of God to _____ us from the deeds of sin.

A.) Faith, Cleanse
B.) Anointing, Correct
C.) Grace, Turn
D.) Power, Reprove

5.) God’s anointing upon our lives will be increased as we draw near to Him. Which activity listed below will NOT increase God’s anointing on our lives?

A.) Love And Unity
B.) Humility
C.) Strife And Debate
D.) Obedience