Lesson 14 Quiz

1.) The Everlasting Covenant was made in Eternity before Time began between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is God’s complete plan involving:

A.) Creating The Universe
B.) God’s Plan For Life
C.) Making Earth In Six Days
D.) Creation And Redemption

2.) God is Faithful – He is absolutely reliable, dependable and will be steadfastly committed to His _____ _____ to men. (II Timothy 2:13; I Peter 4:19)

A.) Express Will
B.) Covenant Word
C.) Sovereign Desire
D.) Tender Mercy

3.) The _____ is given the tree of Eternal life which was lost under the Eden Covenant. (Revelation 2:7)

A.) Victor
B.) Remnant
C.) Overcomer
D.) Believer

4.) God’s love for the world was _____ when he gave His only begotten Son, and whoever believes on Him is given everlasting life. (Heb 11:1, 6)

A.) Spoken
B.) Promised
C.) Pronounced
D.) Demonstrated

5.) The words of the New Covenant are actually the words of the Everlasting Covenant, which had been _____ in God and later _____ by Christ. (John 3:16).

A.) Hidden, Revealed
B.) Prophesied, Fulfilled
C.) Anticipated, Known
D.) Given, Seen