Lesson 14 Quiz

1.) “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other _____ under Heaven given to men by which we must be Saved.”

A.) Truth
B.) Name
C.) Mandate
D.) Covenant

2.) When we use the “Name of Jesus” we are speaking with all of the _____ of Jesus Himself. He has given us the right to use His Name. When we speak in That Name, it has the same effect as if Jesus Himself was standing there speaking to the situation.

A.) Power
B.) Wisdom
C.) Authority
D.) Directness

3.) As Jesus was leaving to go to The Father, He instructed His followers to use His Name. He told them that what they would ask, He would do, so that The Father would be in The Son. (John 14:12-14)

A.) Glorified
B.) Magnified
C.) Honored
D.) Praised

4.) Authority is given and maintained based on our _____. Believers have legal right to use the Name of Jesus, but the full release to use it with signs following is established in regular fellowship with God.

A.) Sacrifice
B.) Usefulness
C.) Relationship
D.) Experience

5.) God calls us “married.” Jesus is The Bridegroom. We are His bride. The Name and The Marriage go together.  As we live in _____ and as those who are married, we will see an Increase in The Power of God released as we use The Name of Jesus.

A.) Service
B.) Pureness
C.) Obedience
D.) Willfulness