Lesson 13 Quiz

1.) God’s Word tells us that our Faith can be increased by _____ and by _____ The Message of His Word.

A.) Grace, Knowing
B.) Prayer, Hearing
C.) Fellowship, Seeking
D.) Service, Following

2.) Faith must fit into a relationship, but when Faith loses the character of dependence on our Heavenly Father, it becomes:

A.) Disobedience
B.) Presumption
C.) Selfishness
D.) Hypocrisy

3.) Faith begins with your relationship with God. Within that relationship God gives Personal _____ of _____. By faith we must obey that direction.

A.) Ways Of Living
B.) Laws Of Submission
C.) Words Of Direction
D.) Choices Of Instruction

4.) “The Law of The Spirit of _____ in Christ Jesus has set me Free from the law of sin and _____ .”

A.) Good, Evil
B.) Truth, Lies
C.) Power, Defeat
D.) Life, Death

5.) In all things, I am _____ than a _____ through Christ who loves me! (Romans 8:37)

A.) Better, Servant
B.) More, Conqueror
C.) Greater, King
D.) Stronger, Lion