Lesson 13 Quiz

1.) After death, God’s people will also will have bodies like Christ’s that are adapted to the reality of the _____ _____ for all eternity. (Philippians 3:21)

A.) Sinless Form
B.) First Creation
C.) Spiritual Realms
D.) New Earth

2.) The blood of Christ, holy and precious, is the only cleansing agent for sin in the:

A.) Universe
B.) Heavens
C.) Nations
D.) World

3.) All that the believer received from God through Christ is because of the New Covenant _____ of _____, which is in Heaven before the Father’s Throne.

A.) Sacrifice, Love
B.) Blood, Jesus
C.) Grace, God
D.) Company, Saints

4.) Because Jesus was both God and man, He was and is able to fully _____ with both to effectively mediate between them.

A.) Reason
B.) Speak
C.) Share
D.) Identify

5.) The power of the Holy Spirit, through the new birth and seal of the Holy Spirit, imparted to man _____ _____ that had never been available to him since creation.

A.) Divine Wisdom
B.) Spiritual Ability
C.) Holy Hunger
D.) Financial Prosperity