Lesson 13 Quiz

1.) By Faith, the blood of The Lamb, (Jesus Christ) becomes a covering ______ for Redeemed mankind. Satan, having been defeated by that very Blood, can’t _______ and harm a Child of God when he is covered by its Protection.

A.) Confession, Rival
B.) Protection, Penetrate
C.) Blanket, Remove
D.) Security, Defile

2.) “and by Him to Reconcile all things to Himself, whether things on earth or things in Heaven, having made _____ through the ______ of His cross.”

A.) Equality, Work
B.) Peace, Blood
C.) Pure, Suffering
D.) Redemption, Mercy

3.)  Jesus did it once and for all, never to do it again.  It has been done for everyone.  His blood swallowed up all our sins and cleanses our ______ by offering HIS BLOOD through The Holy Spirit as a permanent Spiritual offering.

A.) Minds
B.) Weaknesses
C.) Consciences
D.) Mortality

4.) By believing in our heart and ______ out in Faith we can apply The Blood of Jesus over our lives, our children’s lives, our loved ones, our property, everyone that is related to you and everything that belongs to you.

A.) Expanding
B.) Reaching
C.) Speaking
D.) Moving

5.) Holy Communion is a powerful ______ weapon against the enemy. By The Blood, we are Victorious, and we can appropriate every blessing that comes with the Victory of the Cross.

A.) Defensive
B.) Destructive
C.) Fighting
D.) Offensive